Database consulting

Are you looking to upgrade, migrate or setup your SQL Server? Do you need help to design a SQL Server infrastructure that fits your business requirements? Let SQL server consultant help you and your business!

  • MS SQL server consulting

DBAService offers specialist SQL server consultancy services that allows you to leverage our years of experience in SQL Server support services and help you to make the right decisions that will minimise downtimes to your services and mitigate potential risks.

  • Performance tuning and troubleshooting

Early detection of MS SQL Server bottlenecks is key toward ensuring that your SQL Servers are performing at their optimum, and at DBAService, we have the years of experience in troubleshooting slow SQL servers to know exactly how to make SQL Server Faster!

  • Best practices checks and setup

MS SQL server have so many settings. Actually, there are hundreds of places that have to be set right. DBAService have the years of experience and know how to check and setup your server with the best practices and health check.

  • MS SQL setup and migration

DBAService will help you to plan and to implement a MS SQL Server installation, optimally configured for your organization’s unique needs. We will help you with server migration where your specific needs are diagnosed and specific SQL Server new features are identified for your database. 

  • Disaster Recovery ir High Availability

It is critical to determine which of your MS SQL server are mission critical to your business and which ones are not. Some parts of your infrastructure cannot be down more than a few seconds at a time and other parts can be down longer without causing any complications. DBAService can analyse and implement strategies to best fit your business needs.